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  • Happy Christmas 2018 from Miniman

    Tucking in early And here's to 2019! It's that time of year again, when even the most pressing of deadlines can be set aside for some eating drinking and being merry-ing. So as I plan to settle down at the… Read more »
  • Photobite: Announcing the New 2018 release

    Some of you may already know PhotoBite, a collective of photographers, videographers and content creators who have come together to create a site to share photography and videography news, reviews, competitions and products. Over the last few years PhotoBite have… Read more »
  • Pet Projects: Midgr

    The best thing about being a freelance web developer is the opportunity to work on side projects that tickle your fancy. In this case I had the urge to build a fun little tool that allowed me to work with… Read more »
  • Freelancer Vs. Agency

    I sat down this afternoon with the intention of researching and writing a post about when and why to choose a freelancer rather than an agency to work with on your website.
    I then discovered my good friend and colleague, Chris Robinson over at The Lonely Pixel, had already done exactly that

    Pop on over and have a read!

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