Pet Projects: Midgr

The best thing about being a freelance web developer is the opportunity to work on side projects that tickle your fancy.

In this case I had the urge to build a fun little tool that allowed me to work with weather data, something I hadn’t much experience of working with before, as well as dictating my own terms on look, feel and tone.

So what is this ‘Midgr’ pet project then?

The tool, since christened “Midgr”, is designed to be an warning system to campers and walkers all over the Scottish Highlands. “A warning for what?” I might hear you cry, The Scottish Highland Midge, that’s what. The highlands of Scotland suffers from this biting insect during the summer months and it can make life hell for tourists and residents alike.

As a keen outdoors lover, who loves a good cycle, hike and camp, I find these episodes of mass biting attacks to be an annoyance and always wanted a good tool that I could use before planning my day to see what the likelihood of getting eaten alive was.

Weather data

Of all the things that have the most affect over if the Highland Midge is due to show up, weather, along with season, is one of the most important.

Midges like a muggy, warm, windless day between the months of May and September.

Join in!