Happy Christmas 2018 from Miniman

Tucking in early
Tucking in early

And here’s to 2019!

It’s that time of year again, when even the most pressing of deadlines can be set aside for some eating drinking and being merry-ing.

So as I plan to settle down at the end of today, pour myself a drink and tuck in to the obligatory Twiglets (this is NOT a paid promotion, unless Twiglets are reading this), no is probably a good time to reflect on what happened throughout 2018 and have a sneak peek at what 2019 may bring.

Web Design in 2018

Over 2018 I was lucky to work with some outstanding designers across a variety of freelancers and agencies (and freelancers in agencies). I’ve seen corporate design, clean design, fun design and even a bit of Brutalism creeping in.

Despite working with all these brilliant designers, I’ve not shy’d away from design myself, completing a redesign of PhotoBite (while also moving on to an ongoing update process) and designing prototypes for mobile apps soon to be released (more on that next year).

I expect to see more brutalism, more use of micro-animations and more Geometry being used across web design in 2019. We’ll come back next year and see if I was right.

Web Development in 2018

I had a blast in the development world this past year. From learning all I could about Gutenberg and the creation of the infamous Gutenberg Blocks, to having to quick learn Clojure to help save the world (big heads up for my good friend Oli at Scholanoctis).

Visit the Strathard Business Hub Website

Of course it wasn’t all about the technical aspects of web design, our local Strathard Community Trust established Stirling’s finest Business Hub with super fast broadband (something sorely lacking beforehand, see previous rant about our lack of infrastructure in Stirling). This has been a great boon for local businesses not only in the web design, web development world, but for anyone who wants to work in a quiet, relaxed place with good infrastructure and good people. I’ve met some great people and some great ideas have sprouted up, 2019 looks bright for the Strathard region.

Looking forward towards 2019

As with every year, I expect to see a lot of changes coming to both the Web Design and Web Development industries. I also expect to see changes to how the local government in Stirling approaches technology based companies and freelancers. It’s my honest opinion that we’ll start to see more support coming in and projects such as the Strathard Business hope tend to lend themselves as evidence. We can only hope.

I can hear those Twiglets calling, so here’s to the Christmas break, here’s to the new year and here’s to 2019. I hope that everyone has a good one and I’ll see you in the next year, let’s see what happens!

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