All About Freelance Web Designer, Mike Bishop

Who am i?

I’m Mike Bishop and i’m a freelance web designer and developer.
I create professional, bespoke and brilliant websites that just work for my clients (don’t just take my word for it, check out the testimonials at the bottom of the page).

What i do

From eCommerce to one page ‘calling cards’, Corporate behemoths to personal blogs, i do it all with the same love and enthusiasm that i put in to my first website. Doing freelance web design means i can concentrate on the client and put in the personal touch with no agency overheads. I project manage, i design, i develop and everything else, this means a direct line of communication to you, the client.

My story

I became a freelance web designer in the Spring of 2001 during a long period of ill health that had left me housebound. I needed a source of income and a new skill that would allow me to work from home (or close by) as my then job was as a touring musician, not many gigs at home!

In 2010 i branded myself as “Miniman Web Design” as i found using my real name was to forgettable. I would have clients telling me they took ages to find me because they’d been recommended “Matt” or “Mark”. I needed something a bit easier to remember, and being a mere 5’5″, Miniman seemed to fit.

During the Winter of 2011 i made the choice to move the business to the Scottish Highland borders. The beauty of working in the digital age, in a digital job, is that you can communicate with ease, with a variety of clients from a whole swathe of backgrounds and locations. I work with clients in the same village, to clients in Australia.

My future

I want to work with you!
It’s all fine and dandy being a freelance web designer, but you need clients to satisfy that urge, and that’s where you come in.

If you’re interested in working together then feel free to contact me for a chat about your project!