Miniman: An excuse to ramble

Or "Why my house is so clean".

So here we are, a Miniman blog.

It’s been almost 15 years since I dipped a toe in the world of web design and development, 10 years since people started paying me to do it and over 6 years since “Miniman Web Design” became a thing, and to this day I still find things in the industry that interest and outrage me. More importantly, everyday I find things that are fun.

But the one thing that’s taken me the longest, the one thing that has eluded me to this very day, this very moment (well, when i finally hit that ‘publish’ button), the one thing that brings me out in cold sweats and a sudden Insatiable urge to do housework rather than sit at my comfy office chair… is to start a blog. But here it is (now the housework is complete).

I plan to ponder on things from business to the everyday life of a freelance web developer, post code snippets, have discussions, give advice where I can and more importantly, take on board advice from others. Many years have gone in to growing this design/development business and I’ll be happy to help any one looking to get into the industry or those looking to shift their focus. From beginners to the experienced, come all ye faithful.

Miniman isn’t just a freelance web design brand, Miniman is an individual, Miniman is me. I have several projects running (such as The Web Design Forum, a discussion forum for all aspects of the web design and development industry) and I will be blogging about those too.
So keep tuned in, subscribe and do all those other fancy things you do while you browse the web, and I’ll continue to break out in those cold sweats, but hell, at least the house will be clean and tidy!

Mike Bishop - Miniman Web Design

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