Web Design Services

Having the ability to offer web design services in-house gives me much more control over the final user experience from conception till delivery.

I work with you to come up with a design that suits your needs and provides exactly what you’re looking for in a website. Be it a brochure site, an eCommerce store or a blog.

We’ll sit down and discuss the aims and objectives of your site, what your business purpose is and how we can best achieve your dream outcome. We’ll discuss the desired user experience, what works well in different scenarios and the overall look and feel for the website. Only when you’re truly happy does the computer go on and the web design begin.

What’s including in my web design services?

Web design covers a huge amount of areas.

Colour Schemes

Colour is vitally important in conveying your message on your website. Whether it’s a fiery Red for passion, or a cool Blue for professionalism, colour says a lot about you and your business. With a great knowledge of colour theory we can convey that message… with colour!

Already have brand colours? We’ll work together to ensure we use those colours to their best. Complimenting your brand with more colours or really doubling down on your chosen colour, either way, colour is a huge part of any web design service.


Readability is key to good experience. There’s little point producing your best content if it can’t be consumed. Let us work together to make sure that content is not only beautiful but also readable.

UX/UI (User Experience / User Interface)

No matter how pretty we may have made your website, if your visitors can’t use it to the best of abilities, it’s pointless. This is where User Experience and User Interface come in.

Let me work with you to create an accesible, easy to use website that allows the end user to browse your content or complete a purchase successfully.

Imagery (photos, illustrations and iconography)

Great imagery compliments great design. Part of my web design service is showing you how you can best use the imagery you may already have, imagery you can create easily and imagery you can acquire from various stock sites (I recommend Unsplash for seriously great free imagery) to work with your current website content.


By providing a clean content path for not only your human visitors but also your search engine robots.

I can happily walk through the process, and advise you until you have a design both you and your visitors will be happy with. One that will perform at the top of its game.

The perfect partner for my web design services is my web development service!

Mike Bishop | Miniman's Web Design Services