Web Design in Loch Lomond, What’s That Like Then?

Channel 5 shows you an insight in to the area that sorrounds me at Miniman Web Design, and it sure is beautiful...

Doing web design in Loch Lomond and the surrounding area is a privilege few can claim, but I’m glad I can.

Channel 5 spent the year of 2014 filming a wildlife documentary set around the immediate area of the Miniman Web Design office, and it reminds me just how lucky I am to be offering web design and development services in the Trossachs.
They say it best in their own words…

Nature series which follows the impact of the changing seasons on the ecosystem and diverse wildlife of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.
Beautifully filmed across one tough year, this is a story of birth and death, predators and prey and the struggle for survival in one of Britain?s wildest locations.

Loch Lomond - A Year in the Wild

I’m happy to say that the area provides all I need for inspiration, and on those down days there are miles to explore. Keeping a healthy balance between work and play, screen and nature.

Even if you’re not interested in web design, it’s worth visiting the area just to soak up the great outdoors, just bring a brolly.
Find out more about the area at the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Website.

The program can be seen on Channel 5 on Tuesdays starting on the 10th for four weeks at 20:00 and is also available on their catch up service Demand 5.

Edit: The program has now finished broadcasting but is still available at the link above.

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