Offer: .london domains for only £4!

Yes, you read that right, you too can be the proud owner of a .london domain for only four of your measly British pounds.

tWDF - .london domains for 4 quid!

As some of you know I’m part of the team that owns and runs tWDF (The Web Design Forum) and over the past few months we’ve been in talks with the official promotional company of the London Mayors Office, Minds + Machines. In particular we’ve been in discussions on how to further the uptake of the new .london and push it’s usage figures sky-high.

Minds and Machines approached us as they weren’t happy with the traditional methods of promoting what is very much a modern technology. Traditional methods along the lines of billboards, newspaper adverts, London Underground adverts, Leaflets, Flyers and so on. They decided a far better method would be to use that advertising budget to drive down the cost of .london domains instead, and partnering up with a reputable source of all things web design and development to really target those domains at where they’d get used, the developers, designers and site owners throughout Britain.

This is a limited time offer so I would advise getting in there quick, as the budget will only last so long. You can find instructions on your next steps below. A big thanks to Minds + Machines for considering The Web Design Forum as a partner.

Sounds awesome, how does one go about getting hold of one of these .london domain thingies?

The original announcement can be found on tWDF here along with instructions on how to claim your cheap .london domains. The only requirements being that you sign up for a free 123 Reg account and you can only buy three per account.

In the future I hope to set up more of these offers with different domain name TLD’s, so keep your eyes peeled on this blog for more information.

For those of you with an eagle eye and who may be a regular visitor to tWDF, you’ll notice our sneaky new branding. This is the first look at what will become our full on brand along with a relaunch coming soon. More on that later.


Join in!