Happy New Year + 2018 Special Web Design Offer On All Services!

It’s 2018, another year, another 365 days of pushing for a better web, a web where sites are fast, even on the slowest connections, where content is king and where I leave a trail of happy clients where-ever I go.

I’ve got some great news coming up for later this month, but in the mean time, and until the end of the month, I’ll be offering up-to 10% off of any service I provide. This deal is for everyone, whether you’re a small business in Liverpool that needs their maintenance taking care of, a corporate giant in Birmingham that needs white label development, a hobbyist in East London looking for a new website design or just have something to shout about in the Highlands looking for SEO, any one can take advantage.

If you’re interested, and of course you are (why wouldn’t you be?), then get in touch either on my contact page or via my direct email at mike@miniman-webdesign.co.uk. No need to quote a code or mention this post, just get to me before the 1st of February and I’ll automatically quote you based on this offer.

Speak soon, and if not, have a great 2018!

P.S. More on our big news coming soon, stay tuned.

Join in!